Are you a team manager or volunteer?

All schools are required to provide volunteers to help us to run each of the events. A roster has been circulated to team managers and it is their responsibility to ensure volunteers turn up on time and to the required event so that we can keep the show running efficiently. All volunteers are required to sign a waiver and this is located at the event office – please call in at any time and register for the show.

The Station will be opening their Bistro restaurant each night at 6pm from Friday and the bar will also be open each night.

The SMGS P&F are supplying wonderful food and hot drinks every day down at the Oval from 7am till 4pm – breakfast, lunch and everything you may desire in between will be on offer each day of competition.

SMGS Year 12 students will have cold drinks and water on sale each day adjacent to the canteen.

The First Aid station is located next to the canteen at the oval. Merchandise is also available adjacent to the canteen.